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Investment planning and advice

We will work with you to create a personalised financial plan and provide ongoing advice which is crucial in the current ever-changing world.

Investment advice is so much more than purely recommending a set of investments, we consider your overall wealth, situation, plans and aspirations.

We are experts in our area and understand it is crucial for other professional advisers to be involved too. We work with a number of trusted advisers with varied expertise and will be happy to make recommendations including tax, estate planning, trust law and pensions advice, as required. 

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Portfolio construction and management

We will create an investment recommendation for you that meets your objectives, goals and aspirations. We will monitor your portfolio and will be in touch if we decide a change is required.

Depending on your risk profile, interests, and aspirations we may recommend an allocation to alternative investments in addition to core share and bond exposure.

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Family governance advice

Creating a legacy for future generations is important to many of our clients. We can guide you through the process to structure your family wealth efficiently.  

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A message from AGA - Senior Wealth Adviser

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Step 1


You reach out to us and then we sit down and talk to you about your situation, aspirations, needs and values.

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Step 2


Based on what we learn about you we will prepare an initial recommendation with our thoughts, projections and ideas.

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Step 3


You come back to us with comments and questions, and we meet again to finalise the recommendation and prepare a full plan document.

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Step 4


We guide you through the account opening process and invest the funds as agreed.

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Step 5


We provide ongoing monitoring of your investments and will meet with you at least once a year. We are always here when you need us but you can also view your investments online at any time.

You will receive regular reports on the performance of your investments as well as an annual tax report.


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